Mike Beers Testimonials

Look No Further Team Ropers!

I had been wanting to learn to Team Rope ever since I started riding 13 years ago.  My mother actually gave me the gift of a Mike Beers Roping School and I spent a week in Arizona with Mike and about eight other people starting from scratch.  Mike is a tough teacher, nothing gets by him because the groups are small, the days are long, and all day you're learning how it's done, critiqued on every throw (about a thousand or more throws daily) whether it's on "Bones" on the ground, or live steers busintg from the chutes.  I'll always treasure my first head catch with Mike Beers as my Heeler.  It was 10 seconds, and I felt like I won the NFR title.  I've rodeo'd since, practiv everyday, and can compete in any arena.  Look no further if you want to start roping the right way.  Look to Mike Beers.

The Real Deal

This last winter I spent some time in Arizona with the sole purpose of learning how to team rope. After several weeks of trying to find the right person and venue to get started I was finally advised to check out the Mike Beer’s Roping School in Cave Creek, AZ. That advise was a great directive and set me up with a program that was exactly what I was looking for. Not only is Mike a great coach/instructor he has all the tools needed to advance a student’s skills, great arena, practice horses, roping dummies, Heel-O-Matic, remote controlled chute and plenty of steers. His facility is set up to teach any level of roper, whether you are a beginner, as I am, or an experienced roper looking to fine tune the details. In addition, you get hands on coaching from a World Champion team roper who is willing to share his knowledge with his students. I highly recommend anyone looking to improve their team roping to try the Mike Beers Roping School.

~Bob Dunn/Blackstone Ranch, Terrebonne, OR

Started roping within months!

"At the beginning of April I had never thrown a rope with any degree of skill.  By the beginning of June that same year I was heeling with my son in a professional rodeo, holding my own with the big boys.  This sure beats the hell out of golf!"

~Rich Carr, President/CEO
Carr Knowledge Interactive Marketing & Advertising