There is no 'Off Season'

Learn where the living is best...

Mike Beers knows that weather plays a big part in Team Roping, especially when you realize that a Mike Beers Roping School is all day, for up to five days at a time, with only a short lunch break.  For this reason, Mike follows the sun.  Between Rodeos & Ropings in the summer, Mike Beers Roping Schools are held in Canada and the Northwest.  As the weather changes from spectacular to fall, Mike packs up the team and holds Roping Schools at his 'winter ranch' near Cave Creek, Arizona.

In any given week, you'll see Mike working with former World Champions, new to the sport enthusiasts, and people of all ages and occupations who want to Team Rope and want to do it right.  Mike's success rate is unmatched in the world of Team Roping.  He's who you want to learn from, and he's where you want to learn. 

Heading, Heeling, or both, the learning - while in a group setting - is catered specifically to the individual and the horse. 

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