Posted in: General News  on Thursday, June 1, 2017

2017 Bob Feist Invitational will be exiting for me.  I will be team roping with one of my students, Jace Johnson, who is the youngest partner I ever roped with at the BFI.  The first time I was introduced to Jace, he was mostly interested in his dirt bikes and riding his pony around bareback.  Jace is the youngest son of Shane & Jamie Johnson of Johnson Performance Horses.  Jace is now 15 yrs young and is completely dedicated to the sport of Team Roping.  Jace has nerves of steel and proven himself time and time again by making appearances in the winner circle.  I have attended the BFI consecutively for 40 yrs and it is my favorite team roping of the year.  I entered the first BFI in 1977 with Darrell Brodhead.... just the other day.   The BFI has become like a family reunion for myself, there are hundreds of friends/spectators that make a point of attending the BFI annually and we all get to visit under one roof.  The BFI is definitely "....the richest one day roping in history." .... in many ways.  Good Luck and see you all June 19th.